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Fast and Furious Toyota Supra

Designed for speed

Coupe, or coupé in French, is a two door vehicle that has similar body style of its sedan or saloon model, but it is shorter and smaller than sedan. For an example, you may see a vehicle like Honda Civic but with two doors only, that's because it's a Honda Civic Coupe.

Because of its shorter and smaller chassis than its sedan or saloon model, coupe is faster, lighter, and more fun to drive. Ironically, it is why insurance companies charge more premium compare to sedan or saloon models, because of coupe's higher percentage of accidents with serious injuries due to speeding.

We all know that car's brand

McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Bugatti, they are all super cars' brand name. You might not know its exact model name, but you do know its brand name.

Coupe is the type of vehicle to drive to get everyone's attention. It is also the vehicle that will give you the best driving experience in terms of technology, handling, performance, and even luxury. Plus, it all comes with much higher price tag.

As mentioned earlier, coupe has stronger performance than sedan. Also, coupe model uses more expensive performance parts compare to sedan, which is why the vehicle's starting price is higher than its sedan model.

McLaren and Ferarri

We all know this is why we want to drive a coupe!