Off road Hummer

Create your own road

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) is a all-purpose, all-terrain, and all-wheel drive vehicle designed to drive anywhere. Because of its raised ground-clearance and stronger chassis, it is safer, does not have to worry about high road bumpers from scratching the vehicle's bottom.

By raising the ground-clearance and making it tough, it also raised its center of gravity which that increased the chance of roll over in an accident. Plus, with the additional weight for its stiffness, it has terrible fuel economy compare to sedans. However, automakers have been developing hybrid models and more efficient engine to make it fuel efficient.

As of 2018, consumers in North America has turned away from sedans to SUVs. Over the past few years, the SUV sales has been increased significantly and automakers started to release more new SUV models to compete in the market. Big automakers like Ford, has already planned to stop making sedans and focus on SUVs.

SUV can go anywhere!