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Old Chevy pickup truck

Started as a lifestyle

As early as mid 20th century, pickup trucks were available on the consumer market. But, its main use wasn't recreational at all. Most of consumers usually lived in rural areas as farmers, which they often had to travel long distance and required a large trunk space to put a large amount of supplies when they were in an urban area.

Most of today's consumers use their pickup truck as a recreational vehicle for camping and off-road. But, this is still one of the most important type of vehicle in the construction and transportation industries.

The importance of pickup trucks can be proven by the number of sales. In North America, Ford's full size pickup truck, F-150, is still ranking 1st as the best selling vehicle for 40 consecutive years. In terms of numbers, that is more than 35 million F-150 have been sold in North America. This means that a new F-150 is sold every 30 seconds.

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